December 4, 2016


We started out the Christmas season a little early with a drive-through display of computerized and synchronized to music Christmas lights. Or maybe I should say “Holiday Season” lights. There wasn’t a trace of Christmas anywhere except, perhaps, the stars on the trees.  The lighted snowman “sang” to “Winter Wonderland,” the mouth moving with the words. Every display changed color and rhythm with the songs that we accessed through a setting on the car radio.

A huge parking lot was marked out with lights into various lanes. We passed through at least three tunnels of lights in constant motion. You can get an idea by the two pictures showing the same tunnel. This may be old stuff to you, but it was fun for us to ride for about half an hour with the brilliantly changing lights.

What’s happened to Christmas, though? The “holiday” has taken over the “holy day” in many ways. Christmas time is fun, especially with young children. But as I get out all the decorations and put them up again, the nativity sets and the Christian symbols begin to be more precious than the Santa on the doorknob that rings when people enter. Probably 25 years ago I made a very fancy Father Christmas with porcelain head, hands, and boots. Velvet draped over an armature and glittering trim made him elegant. He holds a toy bear and a sack of miniature gifts. It was fun to make. But it’s almost embarrassing to put it out now because I’d like to give more attention to the “Christ” part of Christmas.

Catalogs are arriving with ways to spend money on things. I looked through a National Geographic catalog this evening with beautiful clothing, jewelry, devices, books, objects from all over the world. Very pricey. It was fun to look at these things.Owning an Aryan Islands knitted sweater would be nice, but I already can keep warm. Yet receiving gifts is pleasurable. And giving them is even more so. I don’t know whether Gary has ever been able to wait until Christmas Eve, to have me open my gift.

I resolve to just relax and enjoy whatever happens. Can’t and don’t want to change much because it’s chiefly family and friends that give the season its glow. In addition, we’ll attend Christmas programs and spend time by the fire. And explain to those who will expect Christmas gifts that again, my Christmas text “House of Bread” musically and masterfully set by my cousin Michael Moody  is Gary’s and my gift. Last year we donated the money we might have spent on store gifts in a contribution to Humanitarian Aid. It wasn’t as fun. But our consciences felt good. Somehow, there has to be a medium between Christmas the holiday and Christmas where we try to emulate Christ..  So easy to say when we already have ten times the things we need and a zillion gifts from Heaven. PMA

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