February 5, 2017

A portion of a recent article in Time Magazine floored me:

Consider the about-face by the Women’s March. No event in our time has been heralded as more diverse and inclusive of women everywhere—until an antiabortion group called New Wave Feminists took the marchers at their word and tried to join the ranks. They got the boot. “The Women’s March’s platform is pro-choice, and that has been our stance from day one,” the excluders explained.

Which means that now, in 2017, support for abortion has become so central and nonnegotiable to today’s feminism and progressivism that some women’s groups aren’t allowed to officially join a women’s march that’s supposed to be for all women. And that’s just one instance of the extremes now dictated by the new absolutism (Mary Elderstad).

In other words, a man who has chosen to be a woman or a woman who behaves hatefully can come to the party, but a woman who proclaims babies shouldn’t be killed cannot. Is she not really a woman?

How easily we marginalize others who don’t buy in to our thinking. Does use of personal media prompt us to become a selfish, aggressive, uncooperative and divisive society? Agreed, people have always protested. Yes, ethnic cleansing, war, and violence have always taken place from pre-biblical times on. Often hatred is based not just on fear they’ll maybe overrun or out-reproduce us but that ideas that differ from our own threaten us. However, many of the people who founded the USA had outrageous religious or social ideas. They came because they were persecuted for them. Sadly, now, although the persecuted still want to come, we’re slamming doors. Granted that we are dealing with greater numbers of people who communicate more quickly, have access to more dangerous weapons and ignite into more cataclysmic anger.

The level of hate language is accelerating, broadcast by anyone who wants to on media that can be accessed world wide. The signs and posters carried by marchers caught by broadcast media show levels of anger beyond dissatisfaction or disappointment to verbal rebellion: “He’s not my president” some proclaim.

Why are many unsuccessful voters throwing tantrums and screaming like two-year-olds because they didn’t get what they wanted? We have the right to kick and scream, certainly. But what is the final outcome? I think it is divisiveness. Instead of healing wounds, we exacerbate them. We behave like angry soccer fans and pull down the stands upon ourselves. Why?

Abraham Lincoln won an election to the extreme displeasure of establishment voices. Media called him “The Great Ape.” They ridiculed him and his ugliness. They called him a savage although he was actually, by that time, a well-to-do lawyer and powerful politician. As with Trump, everything they could pick at they criticized. Lincoln could do no right in their eyes. Eventually he was assassinated. I have mourned his death personally as I have read about how the nation fared without his wisdom. Today he is perhaps our most beloved president.

I do not believe that President Trump will become a great president, honored for generations as President Lincoln became. I don’t like Trump’s personality or his politics. I don’t like the measures he is taking. But about half the people in the USA do like, believe in, and support him. They want a wall between us and Mexico. They don’t want Islamic refugees to come here. They want America to withdraw from trade agreements. They want to shake a big stick at the rest of the world and proclaim that our needs come first. They voted so, and now they get what they voted for.

I have been sad before when I voted for someone who didn’t win. But now I am interested in seeing what happens. Trump is immediately fulfilling his campaign promises. We who don’t like what he does must become a “loyal opposition,” waiting to see how his strategy works while we support law. Yes, we should speak up, but to become angry, aggressive and rebellious when there are legal means to control our government is to divide us more. We must become friends with each other as we mutually try to guide this great big ship of state safely to a harbor where we can refuel and change route as needed. PMA