May 28, 2017


We’re empty nesters again. Mindy has moved. What an empty house it seems. Each morning she would come up and tell us in detail about her exciting life. Our life is anything but exciting. It is not sad, deprived (or depraved), unhealthy, or uncomfortable. But having a young person around with all the events youth manufactures is very interesting. Crossword puzzles, the nightly news, and Face Book can’t compete.


empty nestWe’ve had an empty nest before. When Mindy went to Snow College, on her mission, and with several moves (at one time her place got bed bugs), we adjusted. But this time it is harder because of the changes in Mindy. Her surgery and her over 100-pound weight loss changed her in many ways. She has been fun, outgoing and loving lately. We have enjoyed her more than ever before.


It shouldn’t be that a person is treated less well because of obesity, but it is so. It took courage for Mindy to decide to do what was needed to increase her health. Yes, we should control weight by healthy eating, but some people can’t. So Mindy lost weight and became more confident, more adventurous, more outgoing, more happy.


Gary and I are very proud of the way she has made decisions about her life and is constructing her own future. She got a new job for a lot more pay and moved to the south of Salt Lake to live five minutes from her workplace. She has a room and a bathroom of her own in a home with two other people. She has made the break so completely that I keep up with her by looking for her Face Book posts.


So it’s just Gary and me. Here we are following our routines. But why, we ask each other, only routines?  We have to deal with Gary’s mobility challenges and our love for a nap in the afternoon. We’re not really free. I have yoga, cub scouts, writing, gardening and various service projects. Gary too has people to see and service to do helping people with family history. But not all the time. Maybe the nest feels empty because we are in it too much of the time. Wait and see. Maybe soon I’ll write some mini travelogues.


By the way, Son Eric and I planted some tomatoes and sweet potatoes in the large garden near his house. The frost nipped the sweet potatoes, so we must replant them. (We needed to remember that May 15 was the “average“ day of danger from frost.)


Life will be somewhat different now, but what I see is that we can’t recreate on vicarious adventures all the time. We’ve got to go out and make some adventures starring ourselves. Utah is one of the most beautiful states in the world. We want to experience more of it. PMA