June 4, 2017




“Tut, tut, it looks like rain.”  But not. Those dry clouds will just hold in the 97oF heat for warm nights and more hot days says the weatherman. But now that Mindy’s moved out, we can sleep in the basement if upstairs is too warm. (Yes, I know. We have air conditioning but prefer not to use it unless the heat gets unbearable).


Life is very pale without our daily dose of drama, angst and celebration that a young person (Mindy) can deliver. It is very quiet except on Tuesday afternoons when the Cub Scouts come. I watch Face Book carefully to see what Mindy is doing and thinking.


So, let’s go places! We have an Idaho Falls trip planned this month. Next month is Family Camp at Trial Lake.  August is TBA.


We are making arrangements for Gary to have a motorized wheelchair to make getting out of the car and into the world more convenient. He’s just not able walk with a crutch or walker for long enough to enjoy a place and I can’t push a wheelchair very far.


Someone today said that it must be difficult for me to have him be crippled. That is true. He needs stuff brought to him and done for him to a great degree. But I married him because he made me laugh. He still does. Seems that evens things out.


Image will not transfer in. Imagine garden peas. ) Everything gets evened out in time. A case in point: I am unable to do as much as I used to in the big garden near Eric’s house. But his wonderful step-son Ammon is a willing helper and far stronger than I have ever been. Another case in point: I taught Eric to garden. I made him and his sisters help in the garden. A love for growing things is in our DNA, most fully expressed in Eric’s garden with the peas just coming on, the tomatoes blossoming and developing fruit, and the sweet potatoes looking hopeful after replanting. He doesn’t have to make me help.


I guess the saying is “What goes around comes around.”  If we wait long enough and keep up the good work we need to do, it will all work out.  How many trite sayings are in those preceding sentences? But isn’t a trite saying overused just because it’s true? Sounds like an old lady’s words. Well, July is coming soon. What difference will another birthday make if I don’t take it too seriously?  Let’s see, another trite saying: Age is a state of mind. PMA