June 25, 2017

We visited Idaho Falls for two days. When we first saw the falls, I wondered how nature could have created those straight lines. It’s not nature but a dam in the Snake River not to back up water but to use its power, serving about thirty percent of Idaho.

Since it is run-off time, the massive volume of water produced overpowering noise and lots of vapor. That roaring seemed to vibrate my bones. Human ears can hear only a portion of it. The massive movement of water in even silent rivers has the effect of massage on me. A researcher studying the effects of “white noise” said that rain and other natural water sounds have strong alpha waves, inducing alpha wave activity in the human brain (which are correlated to relaxed, meditative states).

Others postulate that the water flow patterns of disturbed or moving water exhibit “frequency content/distribution” like white noise. We tend to relax at such noise because we can’t hear a pattern to focus on.

Another term for very low-frequency sound under 20 Hz or cycles is “infrasound.” We can’t hear whales call unless the sound is sped up artificially. Other animals’ sounds that we partially register also may be detected by animals that can hear the full range of the calls. I wonder if rushing water’s infrasounds resonate in our bodies. I can feel the building shake when a pipe organ plays those super low notes and it feels as if I am vibrating as well. It felt that way at the river and does at the seashore.

No one really knows. I just know that I wished I could listen to that rushing while I lay on a blanket on the lawn. But we went for only two days. The reason we chose Idaho Falls is that the temple there has recently been renovated, so why not go there?  Our grandsons Seth and Jarom Evans attending BYU-I came to visit and for lunch. They are wonderful!

As for the temple there, its understated elegance where beautiful marble in simple lines and milled oak used in many ways gave earth’s materials the attention awed us. Oh, of course the décor and pictures and furniture and chandeliers were present and added to the atmosphere. When they build a temple, they use the very best the earth and its craftspeople have to offer.

We took those days for me. At home, what has to be done and tight scheduling tend to steal my peace. It has been difficult for me to change our home, clean up, rearrange, and rethink with Mindy’s apartment now available to convert to a lovely guest area.

Plus, Gary now has a motorized wheelchair that we carry on a shelf behind our vehicle. The carrier shelf has a ramp that lets down so Gary can guide the chair off, get on, and just wheel away at up to 5 ½ miles per hour. So he could wheel around the gardens at the temple and we could just enjoy the trip without his having to crutch or me to push him in a wheelchair. Freedom is wonderful. PMA