March 11, 2018

The big snowstorm we had last week has about melted off and in its place are the snowdrops that dared to display themselves early and were buried for a sub-freezing week yet are still there today in the sunshine. They are joined by crocus that weren’t there yesterday but are there today in splendor. The tulips are poking red tips above ground as if to see if it’s safe yet. A few wasps are swooping around. I have spied a few hardy little bugs such as the pesky boxelder variety here and there.

No matter how many springs I have seen, how many eruptions of plants and weeds and even some surprises I had forgotten about, spring is always new. It promises everything and mostly delivers although we always fear hail and frost and the ills that weather can bring. The winter had been too mild to wipe out the pests as it should, but maybe this last cold spell set them back. A new growing season approaches. I have tomato seedlings planted. The seed may be too old, so I really poured it into the seed starter.

Brielle asleepAnd somebody else is brand new, Brielle Lisa whose parents are granddaughter Megan Frame and Zach Barnett. Perfect. Her big sister Liliana is on her best behavior now, but will probably develop some typical jealousy. As the days pass, for the rest of their lives they will be the privileged girls who have a sister.

Lily, Zach and Brielle








I have two sisters. We have so many experiences in common that we can’t even mention the best ones in a single few days of visiting. We had music in common and often performed as a trio. We all married and had children. We all have known heavy trials and hard times. As the three daughters of a widow, our family of four went on vacations, camping trips and visits. Somebody explain how on the day when we were ready and packed to take the four-person trailer to Lake Tahoe, the brake lights didn’t work! How many hours we wasted trying to get on the road. How expected it was to have to stop at the top of the road to let the Chevy engine cool off while we watched the waterfall across the valley. How thrilling to smell the pines and the wood smoke as we arrived at Camp Eldorado with the beach just across the road.

None of us has been rich enough to adequately bridge the distance gaps between us as I moved to Utah, Beth lived in California, and Susanne went to Renton Washington. Even with our youth in common, the relationships paled. As long as our mother lived, we could meet together there in San Jose California. I remember watching the first steps on the moon on TV in her home, I with a newborn Lisa and Beth with her children there in Mother’s sphere.

But Susanne might as well have been on the moon. Face to face was not possible until Gary and I got our mission call to Seattle. Suddenly we had Susanne and Dennis to spend some p-days with!  Our mission holds wonderful memories of people we met and taught. Right up there with the best of experiences was my “new” sister to get acquainted with again, to discover we still love each other after quite a few years apart.

Now we three meet at least yearly and enjoy each other’s quirks and experiences. That sisterhood has been restored, in a way, kind of like spring comes and brings back what bloomed last year. Even better, every year the bulbs double and everything is new. PMA