The Yins and Yangs of Things

"There must needs be opposition in all things."


Although my family would argue, I’m pretty normal. Yet I see complexities in everything and believe through experience that there is opposition in all things, or, in other words, yin and yang. that little symbol of white and black with an eye of each in the substance of the other represents life as I know it. So I write essays about what I find. As a writer, I have published articles, poetry, and hymn texts. I have a couple of historical novels in the works. I’m an enthusiastic member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As the wife of Gary L Allen, we have four children, three of whom have children. A gardener, Cub Scout Den Leader, and conscientious exerciser, as body and resources allowed, I’ve walked, moved to group exercise to music, tap danced for a while, then loved yoga for about 25 years until my body needed me to go swimming at the local rec center. I have been an English teacher at BYU. Gary and I spent a year in China teaching English at Qingdao University. Later we spent 18 months in the Seattle area on a CES and proselyting mission. I wrote the texts to two hymns in the LDS Hymnbook, “Let the Holy Sprit Guide” and “With Songs of Praise.” I write a weekly essay to retain my claim to be a writer. I manage to publish almost every Sunday. A companion publication with this blog is “Penny’s Shards,” a large number of very short short stories.

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