May 13, 2018 Mother’s Day is a happy day for me.  We have four children, 23 grandchildren (counting five marriages as adding to our family) and three and one-third great-grandchildren. They are good people, responsible, kind to others, productive in society. Also, I love them just because they are wonderful. I got an invitation to […]


April 29, 2018 Our granddaughter Elizabeth married Jeremy Van Patton last Thursday. The wedding was at noon in the Bountiful Temple. The wedding luncheon was at two p.m. The reception began at 6:30 and ended between 8:30 and 9 p.m.  All done up properly and joyously: the wedding pictures taken, the cake cut and politely […]

My Rings

February 11, 2018 Two weeks ago, I wrote about the folly of young people’s buying expensive wedding rings it would take too long to pay for. I wrote: “I do think that in this modern day when dowries are old fashioned, diamond rings are still, apparently, a prideful display that remains.” However, Gary and I […]


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